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Bitdefender Total Security (1 year)


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Bitdefender Total Security

device: Windows, MAC OS, Android, iOS



Is one of the company’s best products Bitdefender, which has the maximum set of modules and protection systems in all directions. There is a trial version available on the official website, but for full control and security, we recommend that you buy Bitdefender Total Security from our website and get a license activation key at a big discount. The product protects the user’s devices from almost all types of threats, which include a powerful and well-thought-out antivirus, firewall, anti-phishing system and check all pages, secure payments in a separate mode, protection of the user’s personal data, a unique and very convenient module with flexible parental control settings, and many others. useful chips.

If you want a really convenient and effective antivirus, then get Bitdefender Total Security keys and use this product on all your devices, because this is where Bitdefender’s best and most innovative developments are concentrated. Antivirus protects against Trojans, ransomware, ransomware, botnets, exploits, various vulnerabilities operating system Windows, MacOS, Android, phishing and other threats, both on the Internet and beyond. There is also a separate Photon option, thanks to which you can increase the speed of your computer and performance in a few clicks. The built-in password manager will allow you to automatically save all passwords and data, and then substitute them in one click on the selected site without manually entering information from the keyboard. This is another reason to purchase an activation code for Bitdefender Total Security and use the licensed version of the antivirus.

Antivirus works with different operating systems, including Android, installed on most smartphones. There is a separate „Anti-theft“ mode to detect your device if you lose your smartphone. There is also cloud integration with the company’s services, but this requires a licensed Bitdefender Total Security, otherwise there will be no access to them. In pirated versions, this functionality is cut down, so do not even try to use them. Buy activation keys for antiviruses on our website and save on purchases by participating in a personal bonus system of discounts.

After purchasing the product, you will receive: 

  • License key (code) activation for antivirus Bitdefender Total Security;
  • A link to download the Bitdefender Total Security antivirus distribution kit from the official website;
  • Detailed instructions for installing and activating the product;