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License activation keys for Avast Premium Security


Avast Premium Security Antivirus has a number of advantages over other Avast products. This is the extended version Internet Security, which uses not only new technologies, but also a cloud scanning system, due to which the load on your computer during any system checks is reduced significantly. The developers managed to combine all the best in this software package. Antivirus works many times faster, provides the maximum level of protection and provides a huge list of features for its users. We recommend that you buy an activation key for Avast Premium Security and forget about all possible problems and threats from outside while working on your computer.


In addition to the basic protection modules, Avast Premium Security has a webcam protection component. Even if your computer c Windows will be malware, an attacker will not be able to access the camera, and all connection attempts will be blocked. There is also an additional tool „Data Destroyer“. This is a thoughtful and reliable file shredder with which you can permanently delete any information from your computer. If you need to erase data so that it cannot be recovered, this tool will definitely help you.


Avast Premium Security, for which the license file is activated with a few clicks, has its own Software Updater. If an update is released for any of the programs installed on your operating system, you will receive a notification. Since many developers release updates not only to integrate new features, but also to eliminate vulnerabilities, this tool will be very useful for every user. Now you do not need to manually go to the official websites of developers or run each program to receive a notification. All actions will be carried out through a single center.


The Avast Premium product contains a complete set of components and technologies to ensure that your PC and all the information on it is protected in all directions. Wireless and local networks, antivirus, antispyware, site authentication, a secure connection for making payments on the Internet, a built-in password manager, a rescue disk for system recovery in critical situations and many other features will be available to you after purchasing a license key for this product. Only by purchasing a license can you be guaranteed to receive the maximum level of protection and regular updates.


After purchasing the product, you will receive: 

  • License key (code) activation for Avast Premium antivirus;
  • Link to download the distribution of anti-virus software from the official website;
  • Detailed instructions for installing and activating the product;