aida 64 extreme

AIDA64 Extreme Edition (1 year)



AIDA64 Extreme Edition



keys license the Windows operating system that is installed on it. It is used both for testing and regular monitoring of temperature, load, the use of various sensors and metrics. At the same time, its structure is a very convenient program that can be used by both novice PC users and professionals.

If you have not yet decided whether to buy a key for AIDA64 Extreme Edition or not, we recommend that you see what features the product will provide you after purchasing a license:

  • Support for up to 150 different devices, where detailed information about each component will be provided;
  • Hundreds of thousands of components, about which information is stored in the database;
  • Regular updates of information, as components for your PC are constantly changing on the market from various manufacturers;
  • Dozens of built-in sensors to view temperature, processor load and each of its cores, video memory, disk load and read speed, and so on;
  • Detailed statistics of all connected devices, devices;
  • Stability tests, reads from memory, cpu, memory latency and many other options;
  • Detailed information about installed software.


This is not a complete list of all the features, but they are enough to make a final decision and buy an AIDA64 Extreme Edition dongle and take advantage of this offer right now.

After purchasing the product, you will receive: 

  • License activation key (code) for the AIDA64 Extreme Edition program;
  • Link to download the distribution package of the program from the official website;
  • Detailed instructions for installing and activating the product;