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AIDA64 Engineer Edition is a serious program for diagnosing and testing your computer, which is aimed not only at home computers, but also at enterprise level systems, since AIDA64 Engineer Edition compared to Extreme Edition is slightly expanded in terms of functionality: the ability to manage and automate through the console is provided.


At the moment, it is one of the most popular tools that allows you to get detailed information about your computer in minutes. Even if you do not know what components you have installed, what model and brand of computer, operating system and other input data, AIDA64 will help you find out all the information in a few clicks. And even this is enough to make a decision and buy an activation key for AIDA64 Engineer Edition, which unlocks all the main functionality.

With AIDA64 Engineer Edition you can:

  • Test the processor, RAM, hard drives;
  • Get information about the load of the processor, memory, voltage, fan speed and other sensors from the components. In total, about 250 sensors are supported;
  • In a few clicks, view information about all used boards, of which there are more than 150,000 in the database;
  • Analyze information about the operating system and all programs installed in it. The detailed report includes over 50 pages of detailed data.

This is a very convenient and multifunctional software package that is constantly updated. Such a utility will be useful for both novice users Windowsto get detailed information about your computer, and gurus-masters for various tests and diagnostics.


After purchasing the product, you will receive: 

  • License key (code) activation for AIDA64 Engineer Edition;
  • Link to download the distribution package of the program from the official website;
  • Detailed instructions for installing and activating the product;